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The Veteran's Bookstore
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Over the years many veterans have written of their experiences in the military, during war, and of their experiences since. This section offers a selection of these books.

Suicide Charlie Brothers Never Forgotten, is the autobiography of Marine Harold Thrasher's experience during the Vietnam War and the guilt that dogged his life every day thereafter. He acted as judge and jury convicting and sentencing himself to life imprisonment for a full blown case of survivor's guilt. Hopefully, the story of how he was set free from his self-made prison will help others tear down their walls of conviction and set them on the road to healing and freedom. Prior to his enlistment, death was just an abstract illusion, something that happened to old people. Life as a Marine in the Vietnam War proved his youthful illusion to be a delusion. Gone were the naive, uncomplicated undertakings of his past. Death, injury, hatred and revenge reigned over the day to day struggles of a young man serving his country.

The Best of the Best the Fighting 5th Marines Vietnam: Dying Delta by Paul McNally. This story is a Marine's memoir of some of the fiercest combat that took place during the Vietnam War. It tells the story of a young man joining the U. S. Marine Corps looking for a fight. He got more than he bargained for when he got orders for Vietnam and assignment to Delta Co. 1st Bn. 5th Marines 1st Marine Division, the most decorated regiment throughout all of the Marine Corps history. He found out "The Fighting 5th Marines" earned that moniker.

Corpsman Up by Paul Baviello. "Corpsman Up" is the cry that echoes across the battlefield whenever a Marine is wounded in combat. The book tells the story of men at war from a unique perspective; that of a medical specialist assigned to a Marine combat platoon. It is 1969; Hospital Corpsman Mike Lombardo arrives in Vietnam determined to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather in war. He quickly discovers there is nothing glamorous or heroic about war. Through Mike's eyes you go on a journey into a living hell and experience the thrills and horror of combat, the agony of the wounded and dead and see foxhole relationships develop between blacks and whites, farm boys and city kids. Experience the anguish, and concern with Mike, when friend after friend is wounded and he knows that their lives are in his hands and then wonder for the rest of his life if he did the right things.

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